Solar PV Cells & Solar Heating

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Harnessing solar energy is one of the most attractive and sustainable means of generating zero carbon, renewable energy for use in buildings.

obrien-roofing-leadwork_logoOur second generation Photovoltaic (PV) Tile systems have been designed for performance, ease of installation and to blend in with the built environment to minimise the aesthetic impact on the building. They thus offer significant benefits in all three areas over “above the roof” panel systems, where poor installation can compromise the roof structure.

A pitched roof is the ideal surface for solar energy collection for heat and electricity generation since the radiation from the sun is greater than on a fl at surface. Even in the UK, and even in winter, our PV systems continue to harness solar energy. Of course, the brighter the sunlight, the higher the output, but our PV systems also work well in normal daylight and even cloudy conditions.

Our solar energy systems are a technical tour de force: innovative and very reliable. But not only that: their aesthetic appeal is just as important. The systems are fully integrated and blend into the roof surface beautifully. They can also be expanded easily at a later date giving you maximum fl exibility and minimum inconvenience.

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